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home | Algebra Reference | Algebra and Trigonometry

Algebra and Trigonometry is your source for quality help in Algebra and Trigonometry.

Algebra is used in all branches of math, science, and engineering and is primarily the study of:

- Negative and positive numbers
- Simplifying algebraic expressions
- Solving algebraic equations
- Factoring and long division of algebraic quantities has a comprehesive line of award winning Algebra tutorial courses that can be either viewed online or on DVD:

Algebra 1 DVDs
Algebra 2 DVDs
Algebra Word Problem DVDs
Advanced Algebra DVDs
Matrix Algebra DVDs

In essence, we use the tools of algebra when we have a problem with an unknown quantity that we can express as an equation.  We use the rules of algebra to set up the equation and solve for the answer.

Trigonometry is traditionally studied after Algebra and primarily deals with learning about angles.  We deal with angles in everyday life without realizing it.  For example, when you throw a baseball, you typically throw it at an angle to the horizon which causes the path of the baseball to be a curved arc.

Trigonometry teaches us how to use angles in everyday problems.  The concept of Sine, Cosine, and Tangent are taught in Trigonometry as a means to use angles to accomplish this goal. has an extensive Trigonometry Tutorial DVD that will quickly bring you up to speed in this important subject area.

Algebra and Trigonometry in the study of math go hand in hand.  These are extremely important subject areas that the student must master prior to moving on into the study of Physics and Calculus.  The good news is that if the student can master Algebra and Trigonometry, the math courses after this will be much easier to comprehend and excel at.

- Jason Gibson