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home | Chemistry Sample Video Lessons | Step-by-Step Chemistry Lessons - Lea . . .

Step-by-Step Chemistry Lessons - Learn from Worked Problems
Example Lesson - Reaction Stoichiometry in Chemistry

This clip is just a few minutes of a multi-hour course.  
Master this subject with our full length step-by-step lessons!

Summary of Our Teaching Style
- All Courses Taught by Jason Gibson - Former NASA Flight Controller and Rocket Scientist.
- Lessons taught by working example problems.
- Lessons taught step-by-step.
- Thousands of students have improved grades with our courses!

- Chemistry 1, Volume 1:
1) Celsius and Fahrenheit Temperature Scales                              
2) The Law of Conservation of Mass
3) Calculating the Atomic Mass of an Element
4) Writing Ionic Compounds

- Chemistry 1, Volume 2:
1) Avogadro's Number
2) Percent Mass
3) Chemical Reaction Stoichiometry
4) Percent Yield of a Reaction
- Chemistry 1, Volume 3:
1) Ion Concentration in Solution
2) Acid-Base Reactions
3) Acid-Base Titrations

- Chemistry 1, Volume 4:
1) Identifying Oxidation and Reduction
2) Finding Oxidation Numbers
3) Activity Series for Redox Reactions

- Unit Conversions:
1) Converting Units of Length