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home | Trig-PreCalculus Ref. | PreCalculus Unit Circle - Interactiv . . .

PreCalculus Unit Circle - Interactive!

Graphically interact with the PreCalculus Unit Circle! Use the slider to change the angle and instantly see the Sin and Cos of the selected angle graphically.

Select your Angle below!

The PreCalculus Unit Circle is used extensively in precalculus and trigonometry courses to graphically display the Sin and Cos of an angle. The circle is constructed by drawing a circle with radius 1 at the origin. The angle of interest is drawn as an arrow on top of the PreCalculus Unit Circle such that the tip of the arrow touches the circle.

The Sine of the angle is measured as the projection of the arrow on the y-axis and the Cosine of the angle is measured as the projection of the arrow on the x-axis.

Use the PreCalculus unit circle in your Trig and Calculus courses to graphically understand how the Sine and Cosine of an angle are related.
Tips to Input Math:

Input:                              as....       2*x^2

Input:                       as....      (x+2)/3

Input:                 as.....     Sqrt[(x^3+4)]

Input:  Sin, Tan, Cot, etc       as......    Sin[x], Tan[x], Cot[x], etc...

Input:  Natural Log "ln"         as......     Log[x]