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Step-by-Step Calculus Lessons - Learn from Worked Problems
Example Lesson - Integrating Polynomials in Calculus

This clip is just a few minutes of a multi-hour course.  
Master this subject with our full length step-by-step lessons!

Summary of Our Teaching Style
- All Courses Taught by Jason Gibson - Former NASA Flight Controller and Rocket Scientist.
- Lessons taught by working example problems.
- Lessons taught step-by-step.
- Thousands of students have improved grades with our courses!

- Calculus 1:
1) Taking Derivatives of Polynomials in Calculus                            
2) Higher Order Derivatives in Calculus
3) Derivatives of Logarithms in Calculus
4) Improper Integrals in Calculus

- Extra Practice with Derivatives:
1) Basic Derivatives
2) Product Rule of Differentiation
3) Derivatives of Trig Functions
4) The Chain Rule

- Extra Practice with Integrals, Vol 1:
1) Integrating Polynomials
2) Integrating Trig Functions
3) Integration by Substitution
4) Logarithm as an Integral

- Extra Practice with Integrals, Vol 2:
1) Area Between Two Functions
2) Calculating Volume - Disk Method
3) Calculating Volume - Washer Method
4) Integration by Parts
- Calculus 2:
1) L'Hospital's Rule
2) Integration by Partial Fractions
3) Parametric Equations
4) Integral Test of Series Convergence

- Calculus 3, Volume 1:
1) The Vector Dot Product
2) Partial Derivatives
3) Double Integrals

- Calculus 3, Volume 2:
1) Triple Integrals
2) Div and Curl of Vector Fields
3) Line Integrals

- Differential Equations, Volume 1:
1) Elementary Differential Equations
2) Variation of Parameters Method
3) Exact Differential Equations

- Differential Equations, Volume 2:
1) Identifying Linear ODEs
2) The Linear Differential Operator
3) Homogeneous ODE Solutions